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Jabbie's Mission And Vision


To broaden the idea of fitness to encapsulate activities not typically seen on fitness app and provide a platform for ALL users to create a personalized support system for their fitness needs. 

our mission


Challenging and revolutionizing the way fitness is seen and practiced.

our vision

Our story

our story

Once upon a time in the Garden State.

Two friends embarked on a quest to find the keys to FUN & LIBERATING fitness experiences. These two were not interested in the bland regimens of traditional fitness or the clubs reserved for the all too common "elite" physiques held in the apple of the society's eyes. No, not all.

Rather, with every bit of sweat that fell from their brows while cycling, running, or dancing in the rain, the purpose of their quest was made sure. They would create a platform for those seeking alternatives to the unrealistic standards of fitness. One that fostered connection and community.

Meet The Founders


Bunmi Alo


Bunmi Alo is an all-star entrepreneur with a background in business and software development. Immigrating to the United States from Nigeria in 2009, Bunmi uses the principles of community building, love for self, and love for the African diaspora to create unification endeavors that both serve and esteem the Black community. Bunmi has spent the last five years heavily involved in fitness, witnessing the diverse abilities of bodies irrespective of their outward appearance. 

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Joy Cox, PhD


Dr. Joy Cox is a body and social justice advocate using her skill set in research and leadership to foster social change through the promotion of diversity and inclusion initiatives. With over 7 years of experience, she has used her platform to amplify the voices of those most marginalized in society, bringing attention to matters of intersectionality addressing race, body size, accessibility, and "health."

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